The Custom Jewelry Process

Do you have an idea for your next piece of jewelry? Let Christopher's Fine Jewelry create a stunning design that you will be proud to wear for a lifetime!

The way the process works is we start with a general idea, and we make a sketch. Using computer-aided design (CAD) we take the sketch and transform it into a 3D model that we can rotate 360 degrees. At this stage, your feedback will help us determine what we need to modify and adjust, without having to spend too much time.

Once you're happy with the CAD rendering, we create a mold from that design which we fill with molten metal, creating the general shape of the piece.

We then break away the wax mold and our bench jewelers begin mounting diamonds and gemstones if applicable, and making changes to the piece as needed.

The final stage is when we give your custom piece of jewelry a final polishing, and that's when it comes to life. This stage is very rewarding, as all of our ideas and work have gone into this beautiful, stunning, magical treasure of a lifetime.

If you would like Christopher's Fine Jewelry to create something special for you, please contact us today and get started!